GMCINE Technology was formally established in 2009, represents the best brands in professional film industry, in addition to training, maintenance and other whole-process service. After its 10 years’development, GMCINE has become the best equipment supplier for rental companies, photographic studios, film crews, advertising production, and independent film and television producers in Greater China. By the end of 2019, GMCINE has provided film and television equipment for more than 3,000 professional film and television crews in China.


USEDCINE( is a platform for professional used cinematography equipment serving globally, established in January 2020 as a subsidiary company of GMCINE Technology.

Based on the massive and real information of second-hand cinematography equipment, USEDCINE adheres to the principles of integrity and openness, and establishes a professional and rigorous cinematography equipment rating assessment system and serves users with one-stop solution, to solve the problems of users in the process of buying and selling second-hand equipment comprehensively.


Relying on years of experience and advantages in the industry, USEDCINE promises that, all kits on the platform have undergone strict evaluation by the professional team and released by engineers after professional maintenance, care and testing. In order to allow users to obtain device information quickly and effectively, every device of the platform is independently filed and released,and there are a lot of product real photos for users reference. USEDCINE publishes every second-hand cinematography equipment information credibly and publicly, to convince our customers.

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Thank you for your all attention, please work with us to create a better trading environment for second-hand cinematography equipment.